ting ethnic unity. Xi exchanged views with these deputies. X??i said the CPC puts people's interests in the first place under all circumstances, without any ??particular intere8


sts of its own. When handling the COVID-19 epidemic, Xi said the Party made cl??ear that people's safety and health always come first.8


"Life is of paramount importance. This i??s a price we must pay, at any cost." He stressed that the CPC should take a people-centered b


app??roach in coordinating epidemic control and socioeconomic development, and must rely on and mobi??lize Chinese people in regular e2


pidemic control and economic recovery. The Party should endeavo??r to improve people's livelihood, he went on to say. The Party's fundF

amental goaC

l is for the Ch??inese people to live a better life, and it should endeavor to address people's concerns such as?? employment, education, health care, housing, pension and food5


security, he said. Stressing ono


??ethnic unity, Xi told deputiel


s that Inner Mongolia is China'sS


first ever ethnic autonomous reh


gi??on at the provincial level, l


and called for efforts to improve the way of governan1

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g ethnic groups.BEIJING, March 29 (Xinhua) -- Chinese Defense MinisE

ter and State Councilor Chang W??aV

nquan on Wednesday held talks with visiting Cuban Minister of the Revolutios

nary ??Armed Forces Leopoldo CintrG

a Frias. Chang said China is willing to work with Cub??a to implement 3

important consensus reached by leaG

ders of the two countries and ma??ke positive contributions to the development of military-td


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the face of a major e??pidemic, the CPC O has, from the very beginning, stated cleA arly that people's life and health sho??O uld be put as the top priority, he said.1 Xi, also general secretary of the CPC CQ entral Committe??e and chairman of the C7
    entral Militar2
    y Commission, made the rl
    emarks in a panel discussion with ??fellow deputies from the delegation A of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, at 4 the third session o??f the 13th NationalL People's Congress on Friday. During the meetingL , five deputies spoke on a v??ariety of F issues, such as eradicating poverty, proE